rene meyer is a contemporary stencil artist, who lives and works in leipzig, germany. since more than a decade he has dedicated himself to creating filigree stencils with a focus on complex industrial architecture and urban landscapes instead of figurative motives. he painstakingly cuts his complex multi-layered stencils by hand from tiny one to big scale formats and creates unique pieces with each stencil piece, which he spray out variably atmospherically.

over the past years he participated in several street art events and exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions.

with his passion for experimenting and playful concepts, he wants to push the possible style of stencil art in different directions.

art events

  • year 2018
    artist residence ARTURb
    location Artistas Unidos em Residência, Lagos | PT
  • year 2018
    urban art festival iBug #13
    location NAPLAFA, Chemnitz | GER
  • year 2018
    art festival Monumenta
    location Pittlerwerke, Leipzig | GER


  • year 2018
    group show Junge Kunst aus Prinzip #5
    location Galerie Forum K, Plauen | GER
  • year 2018
    group show Stencil Masters Edition 0.1
    location LAC, Lagos | PT
  • year 2018
    solo show Knife-shift
    location Grüner Raum am Kanal, Leipzig | GER
  • year 2017
    solo show Hard knock knife
    location Galerie Forum K, Plauen | GER
  • year 2016
    solo show Work-knife-balance
    location Galerie Hier+Jetzt, Leipzig | GER
  • year 2015
    group show Finalist Stencil Art Prize
    location aMBUSH GALLERY, Sydney | AUS
  • year 2013
    group show Eastpak Artist Studio — DAA
    location Idealabs, Antwerpen | BE
  • year 2012
    group show Metropolitan
    location Strychnin Gallery, Berlin | GER
  • year 2011
    group show Burn-In
    location 'Alte Feuerwache', Plauen | GER